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How Amfree  Helps Reduce Ammonia Levels
The Summary
The amfree of fish has been utilized as a natural ingredient for a variety of  health applications. In aquaculture, yucca schidigera specifically has been shown to be a powerful, cost-effective tool for ammonia control.
 below on why amfree is an ideal ammonia control product for fish and shrimp farmers practicing sustainable aquaculture
amfree yucca ammonia control

Amfree Benefits for Shrimp and Fish

These properties make it a great food supplement for livestock and aquaculture fish populations. Extracts from amfree yucca alleviate the effects of environmental stressors on fish, triggering growth and improving physiological parameters. The active components, mainly the steroidal saponins and polyphenolics, have shown that anti-inflammatory impacts are associated with their anti-protozoal activity.

The phenolics of amfree inhibits the nuclear transcription factor, which stimulates the synthesis of nitric oxide synthase causing the formation of the inflammatory agent nitric oxide. amfree Yucca phenolics also are antioxidants and free-radical hunters that may aid in suppressing the reactive oxygen free-radicles, which stimulate inflammatory responses.

Formulating Amfree yucca+ Probiotics for Maximum Effect 

this amfree natural ammonia control solution leverages the organic saponin’s abilities identified earlier, along with a specially-selected set of Bacillus beneficial bacteria strains to both reduce present ammonia levels as well as proactively rebalance the microbial ecosystem of the pond so that the sources of ammonia are reduced.

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