Ammigo a suitable combination of Probiotics, Enzymes and Yucca

ammigo Synergistic Blend of Probiotics, Enzymes and Yucca

Ammigo a suitable combination of Probiotics, Enzymes and Yucca

Ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate, which are poisonous by nature, are produced in the pond by dead plankton, faeces, and other decomposing materials. Additionally, the pollution level is raised and the level of dissolved oxygen is decreased by the proliferation of hazardous microorganisms and algae.

Aquaculture pond water can be naturally cleaned of pollutants and a positive microbial habitat can be created that prevents the growth of hazardous organisms by using products that have been particularly prepared and are based on carefully chosen natural bacteria. In their regular metabolism, probiotics have a strong ability to use contaminants like ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites. A healthy culture of the proper natural bacteria also creates a “probiotic” environment that inhibits the growth of dangerous species.

Enzymes are essential to the direct application to pond method of bioremediation.enzymes play the role of catalyst that accelerate biochemical reactions in pond soil & water. Enzymes are able to degrade the major organic constituents normally found in shrimp and fish ponds and also reduce sludge accumulation.

It has been discovered that the Yucca schidigera plant extract is particularly effective at capturing free ammonia from the environment. The bark of Yucca schidigera contains a lot of Polyhydroxy stilbene, a substance that inhibits the activity of the enzyme urease. By successfully blocking the enzyme urease, it binds the produced ammonia and effectively stops the further generation of ammonia. Aqua farms have shown excellent success when using Yucca schidigera extract to lower ammonia levels, improve water quality, and ultimately increase farm productivity.

AMMIGO guarantees a healthier aquatic critter is produced with increased vitality and disease resistance through these three techniques.

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