Aquasan Best BKC For Aquaculture

Aquasan BKC 80% for Aquaculture

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The aquatic environment is a key factor in aquaculture’s success. Fish and prawns are impacted by a lot of organic debris when the pond water is contaminated and the environment is afflicted by bacteria. The pathogen can now easily infect fish and prawns and spread sickness.

Therefore, for aquaculture to be successful, the environment must be improved and cleaned up before, during, and after seedling release.

An organic ammonium salt called BKC 80% has been used in aquaculture for a very long time. BKC 80% enters the bacterial body with ease and breaks down the cell membrane, stopping the bacterial metabolism. It can also inhibit the growth of algae and kill viruses, mould, and single-celled bacteria.


Limitations when using Aquasan BKC.

  1. Users are stimulated by BKC. a pungent smell that makes your eyes burn. Reduce direct touch where possible. BKC must be utilised while wearing protective gear, such as gloves, a mask, goggles, and
  2. other items.2. Fish and prawns can easily develop residuals from excessive BKC. Fish and prawn prices will decrease as a result. In order to harvest prawns, BKC must be discontinued for 30 days.
aquasan monarch bkc 80%

Precautions when using BKC.

1. The medicine must first be diluted with BKC before being uniformly sprinkled.

2. In order to maximise BKC’s effectiveness, it should be used at noon and in the hot sun.

3. The first 10 days after shrimp seeding should not be used with BKC. due to the shrimp’s weakness and susceptibility to BKC at this t

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