OXYPOND – Best Oxygen Tablets For Fish & Aquaculture

Oxygen Releasing Best Tablets For Aquaculture

OXYPOND Tablets For Fish & Aquaculture

Aquaculture Feed Supplement Highly Concentrated Sustained Oxygen Releasing Tablets for Aquaculture

Oxypond Tablets Benefits

Releases dissolved oxygen levels instantaneously.

Relieves animal from stress

Controls anaerobic bacteria growth.

Reduces toxic gasses of pond.

Reduces pond pollution

Avoid Mass mortality

Reduces Toxic Nitrite and Hydrogen sulfide levels.

  Long-acting oxygen releasing tablets.

Why to choose OXYPOND tablets?
1. long-acting oxypond releasing tablets providing oxygen for longer period
2 These tablets reduce the anaerobic conditions at pond level
3. Continuous synthesis for the oxygen for a longer time.
4 .Improves survival rate of aquatic crops
5. Detoxify toxic gases such as nitrite and hydrogen sulphide .
6. Releases stress of the aquatic animals.


About this item

·         Increases the dissolved oxygen levels in the pond.

·         Liberates effective oxygen 1,00,000 ml/Kg of CaCo2

·         The bi product Ca (oH)2 increases the alkalinity.

·         Prevents the formation of the highly toxic gases like Ammonia, Sulphur-di-oxide, methane etc.

     Will not react with other chemicals which are commonly used in aqua culture

·         Dissolved oxygen level of water of a fish pond is very important parameter for water quality .As we know the oxygen is one of the vital component of life for all organisms. During the daytime if there is enough sunlight then the oxygen production via photosynthesis in the pond will fulfill all the required oxygen level for respiration at Night..

oxypond tablet

oxypond (Tablet) increases the levels of dissolved oxygen.  and potentiates the water treatment. Dissolved oxygen is essential to meet the demand. For respiration of the cultured

aquatic animals (prawn/fish). For the growth of aerobic bacteria which decomposes the harmful organic load.

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